The Silver Heavy Duty Gimbal Brackets that are in some mount pictures are NOT included with any mount. They are optional and can be purchased here.

 Please read ALL notes on the pages of the mount that you are looking to purchase, this will save mis-ordered mounts from being shipped and prevent you from having to re-order and then return the wrong product.


If your bow looks like this, then this mount will fit.

This special bow mount is designed for the BassCat Puma STS only. The main base is designed so that you will be able to change just the top part to go to a Dual Stack or Triple Stack mount.

The Base also allows you to slide the top part frontwards and rearwards and you will also be able to rotate the top part to get the best angle for your personal viewing of the graph. This is the premium Bow Mount for the STS.

The Cup/Tool holder is included. It is recommended that if you run an Ultrex TM, that you do get the TM Cable Bracket. Be sure to consider what size graphs you are mounting because you only have so much room to work with.

It is highly recommended that you also get our HD Gimbal Brackets for your Dual Mount, get Shorty Brackets for the Bottom and Regular size for the Top row. Get them here: Heavy Duty Gimbal Brackets

The Dual mount weighs - 9.5 Lbs.

Starting At $395.00
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