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The Silver Heavy Duty Gimbal Brackets that are in some mount pictures are NOT included with any mount.
They are optional and can be purchased here.


How to properly adjust your Antivibration Bumpers

1.) Look at the rear of Sonar Unit, you will see a Rubber Anti-vibration device, loosen locking nut (13mm short wrench)  2.) Take the unit out of the Gimbal Bracket, then Rotate the Rubber screw outwards ( putting the unit back in the Gimbal Bracket and testing with each full rotation) 3.) If the nut on the back side does not have enough threads, then remove the nut and lock washer, take the rubber bumper out of the bracket, screw the Nut/Lock washer back on the bumper's threaded stem and install the bumper back into the bracket, then adjust as needed and tighten nut. The nut and lock washer will now be on the outside and give you more turns to adjust. 4.) Adjust so you have to put a little pressure on the unit to get the Sonar in the gimbal bracket. 5.) That should give just enough pressure against the Sonar unit to stabilize for all rough water conditions.

 Please read ALL notes on the pages of the mount that you are looking to purchase, this will save mis-ordered mounts from being shipped and prevent you from having to re-order and then return the wrong product.

Antivibration Brackets

 Antivibration Brackets - $15.00 ea
Brackets are sold by the "length"

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Rubber Bumpers

Rubber Bumpers (sold by size)
Small - $ 10.00
Large - $ 15.00

Note on Bumpers: These are full lengths and will need to be cut to desired angle. Includes 8mm nut and lock washer

Starting At $10.00
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Garmin Anti-Vibration Brackets

Antivibration bracket for the Garmin 102,106,122,126 SV

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