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The Silver Heavy Duty Gimbal Brackets that are in some mount pictures are NOT included with any mount. They are optional and can be purchased here.

  • PHX Fiberglass Dash
  • Phoenix Shelf Shroud - Large Dash
  • Phoenix Shelf Shroud - Small Dash

If your dash looks like this, then this mount will fit.  Please choose which dash option you have below.

Note: This Mount is specifically designed for the Phoenix Shelf type Shroud. The Mount has integrated anti-vibration system like all of the BBT mounts. It also has a 3/16" front and rear plate in the top section of the shroud that sandwiches the upper portion for superior strength. The lower portion is a 3/16" aluminum plate that mounts thru the bottom portion of the Shroud. Both the Top Portion and Bottom portions of this mount are connected to make it super strong.


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